Kona Coffee Gifts – Unique, Flavored Kona Gift Baskets

Kona Coffee GiftsIt can be very difficult to buy the perfect gift for your in-laws, especially if they seem to have it all. Gifts don’t have to be extremely expensive every time but it do needs to be extra special. Giving them something very unique and special shows them how much they are truly appreciated, instead of the usual store-bought products that they could buy for themselves.

Almost everyone is a coffee lover and most in-laws are. So what better gift to give them than the best and rarest gourmet coffee blends available in the market today – Kona coffee blends. Get Kona coffee gifts for your in-laws, friends, boss, clients and loved ones and let them experience one of the best and rarest kinds of coffee the market has to offer.

Kona Coffee Gifts – What Makes Them So Special?

Kona Coffee is a gourmet coffee made from top grade ground coffee. It is known around the world because of its very rare coffee bean which is grown only in one place in the entire world. Kona Coffee is grown only in one place in the world and that is the Island of Hawaii. It is specifically grown in the Hualalai and Mauna Loa Mountains, a place that is rich in volcanic soil.

There are about a dozen Kona coffee blends to choose from. Each one is special in its own right. Every pack of Kona coffee is made with love and special care. The beans are hand-picked and dried then sorted out in a machine. It is then sun-dried and roasted to perfection depending on the desired blend from mild to strong.

The Peaberry coffee bean is very rare and special. It gives a distinct, concentrated flavor that every coffee lover can surely appreciate.

Purchasing Kona Coffee

When visiting Hawaii, it is highly recommended to try out Kona coffee because it is a product that is unique only in this part of the world. But you don’t have to travel to Hawaii just to taste this extraordinary blend of coffee. It can be ordered online and shipped anywhere in the world. Kona coffee gifts are also the most in demand because it is one of the best gift ideas which can be given to very special people.

Buying Kona coffee gift baskets can be easy through online shopping. Packages are delivered in the best condition. Every package is sealed in airtight containers to ensure freshness. Most coffee beans can be stored for as long as three months while the ground beans can be stored for a month. It is important to follow the directions in the label regarding storage period to enjoy a better coffee drinking experience.

Price Range Of Kona Coffee

The price range of a best Kona coffee is around $30 per pound. Price ranges depending on the type of blend preferred. Categories are organic, decaf, flavored, green unroasted and the special Peaberry. These are typically packed in 1lb, 3lb and 5lb quantities.

Free shipping offers are made available for clients residing in the US but most online shops will ask for an additional shipping fee. Free shipping is usually offered for those making large purchases or purchasing the special packages offered by the online shopping site.

There’s a choice of buying whole beans or ground. Some people like to purchase the whole beans so they can grind it themselves for a fresher taste and stronger aroma.

It is very important to check the label before purchasing a Kona coffee. When aiming to buy 100% pure Kona coffee, check the percentage indicated in the label. Some blends are already mixed with coffee beans coming from Brazil, Indonesia, Central America and Africa. These mixed blends usually have a lower grade of coffee beans.

Buy Kona Coffee As A Gift

Giving the best Kona coffee is a really great gift idea. It is perfect for any occasion whether it is the holidays, birthdays, anniversary, or even simply a gift of appreciation. Coffee is generally loved by everyone and receiving a special kind of coffee as a gift will truly be appreciated.

You can never go wrong by giving the best Kona coffee as a gift. It is made from the finest grade of coffee beans so it will surely satisfy even those with a sensitive palate for coffee. Most coffee lovers can tell the difference of a high grade coffee bean from the low grade.

Kona coffee is something you shouldn’t even think about twice when giving as a gift because coffee is a generally appreciated drink anywhere in the world. Stop racking your brain about what kind of gift to give your Indian client, American boss or European in-laws. Coffee is something that is universally loved no matter what nationality so the high grade Kona coffee is surely something that will be appreciated by anyone in any culture.

What’s Inside Every Kona Coffee Gift Basket?

Every Kona coffee gift baskets may contain various coffee blend packs and even a matching Kona coffee mug. These Kona coffee gifts can also be bought online but making one yourself is also a good idea. Simply throw in a Kona coffee pack along with several items such as a coffee mug and chocolates and place it inside a beautifully crafted bag, box or basket. The gift will surely look even more expensive, classy and special.

For an even more extravagant gift idea, purchase a coffee maker as a gift and add in a few packs of blended Kona coffee in the gift box. It would be the perfect gift idea for anniversaries, weddings and a gift to the boss. It could also serve as a raffle prize during special events and holiday parties.

Kona coffee gifts can be given to individuals or as part of the contents of a gift basket for families. Once you’ve tried the rich flavor of Kona coffee, it would be easy to compare a good tasting coffee bean to a low grade bean. This is gourmet coffee at its finest. Treat yourself and your family every time to a wonderful taste of freshly brewed coffee.

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