Kona Blend Coffee – Experience The Taste Of Real Kona Coffee

Kona Blend CoffeeKona Blend Coffee is currently one of the most popular coffee types out in the market today. Hailing all the way from Hawaii, Kona has been known for its excellent taste and rich aroma. Thanks to its exclusivity and high demand for the product, the sale and distribution of Kona is currently being regulated. The good news is that Kona is available online so buyers will have no problem having them delivered. However, what exactly is Kona coffee? For anyone interested, following is a comprehensive explanation of Kona and why it deserves such attention from today’s coffee-enthusiasts.

Kona Blend Coffee vs. 100% Kona

One thing to keep in mind is that Kona Blend is very different from 100% Kona. See, the blend usually means that it contains some elements of Kona coffee, but it also carries other coffee types. Hence, when drinking a Kona Blend, you’re not getting the full effects of the coffee since it’s not the pure type.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Kona blend is not worth drinking. Compared to the 100% type however, Kona blend is nowhere near the pure extract’s rich taste and aroma. The best Kona is the one that contains no other coffee type.

Hawaii has actually set specific standards for Kona coffee due to the numerous companies that are trying to fool people into thinking that they got the real deal. The best type typically comes with a 100% Kona Coffee label to ensure buyers that they are getting the real deal.

Green Kona Coffee Certification

Laws of Hawaii require that all green Kona coffee beans are first inspected and certified by the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture. Once the certification is completely, only then could they be transferred from their original planting station to the milling and roasting sites. This ensures that the high standards of Hawaiian Kona blend coffee are maintained throughout generations.

Did you know that the best Kona coffee only grows in one place? The site is perfect due to the well-balanced weather of sunny days, overcast afternoons and mildly cold nights and the soil is also rich with minerals. It is this unique combination of elements that lends the rich aroma and flavorful taste of the one and only Kona coffee.

Different Types of Kona Coffee

Kona Blend is just one of the many types of Kona coffee being marketed nowadays. There are actually different types today including Green Kona Coffee, Organic Kona Coffee and Non-Organic Kona Coffee.

The green type have not gone through the process of roasting which is why they do not carry the black color others have. The green coffee bean is also used for coffee-making purposes, but they are bought by those who have their own roaster. This way, the buyer will be able to get the exact results they want through proper roasting.

The non-organic type is brought to ripening with the help of pesticides and chemicals. This is usually done by farmers to speed up the coffee making process while lowering the count of damaged beans due to insect activity. Non organic Kona coffee is also very popular but nowhere near the organic kind.

Organic Kona Coffee

Organic is the most popular type out in the market today. This basically refers Kona coffee that has been grown using only organic fertilizers. The organic Hawaiian Kona blend coffee actually goes through a rigorous testing process before sealed and sold as the “organic” type. For example, they can only be milled in a plan that strictly works on organic coffee bean products. The roasting and grinding process are also strictly organic.

This kind of attention to detail makes the organic Kona coffee stand out from the rest. The lack of pesticides, chemicals and other man-made items in the plant ensures that the resulting bean is 100% healthy. Hence, this lowers the risk of any side effects for the occasional and habitual drinker.

Which Type of Kona Coffee is the Best?

In itself, Kona coffee is already heads and tails above the rest. When comparing between the different types of Kona however, buyers would simply need to rely on their personal taste. Keep in mind however that Kona Blend Coffee is different from 100% Kona Coffee. Hence, if you intend buying one of these and experience the full taste of Kona; go for the product that bears the one hundred percent mark.

But why would you want to buy Kona coffee as opposed to others coffee types? The answer is fairly simple – taste. See, Kona coffee has long been renowned for its excellent taste and aroma. At first glance, the Kona beans may look no different from the regular coffee beans that are being sold in the market today.

However, many people can testify that the taste is widely different from those that are sold over the counter. For one thing, Kona coffee is definitely much more aromatic. The taste is also distinctive and once you taste the Kona coffee type, you will be able to immediately tell the difference between this type and the others.

Side Effects of Kona Coffee

No harmful side effects have been spotted with drinking Kona coffee. However, those who decide to purchase the 100% organic Kona coffee might find themselves enjoying some healthy benefits.
See, aside from the obvious lack of chemicals, organic coffee also contains a high amount of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants have long been attributed to helping with the flush out of toxins in the body. At the same time, it is known for its ability to help with the regeneration of the cells. Coffee in itself has been known to provide a wide array of benefits for drinkers. To get the full benefit of the coffee however, buyers are advised to purchase only from legitimate sellers of the product.

Where to Buy Kona Coffee

Those who want purchase Kona coffee can do so through the internet. There are lots of sellers today that provide not only the organic and non-organic Kona but the Green Coffee beans as well. When buying Kona Coffee, individuals are advised to check the legitimacy of the seller by looking for their certification. Make sure that they have been given express permission by the Hawaii state government to sell the infamous Kona coffee. Otherwise, there’s a chance that it is a scam.

For more information about Kona Blend Coffee, 100% Kona Coffee and other types, try checking out multiple domains. Legitimate sellers are perfectly capable of accommodating multiple orders to different parts of the world.

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