Hawaiian Kona Coffee – Get 100% Pure Kona Blend Coffee

Hawaiian Kona CoffeeHave your breakfast or coffee break in Hawaii every day from anywhere across the globe as you indulge yourself in a fresh cup of steaming hot Hawaiian Kona coffee. Wake up to the smell of the islands as you take in the delectable scent of the best Kona coffee from the islands of Hawaii to the comforts of your own kitchen. One does not simply buy Kona coffee; a person purchases their ticket to escape from the hustle and bustle of their hectic city life for 10 to 15 minutes of relaxation and Aloha spirit with the best Hawaiian Kona.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee – The Benefits of Drinking The World’s Tastiest Coffee

Ever since the influx of articles and issues regarding health and wellness, coffee has been the subject of great debates since it is after all one of the top breakfast drinks in the entire world. But as people in the scientific and health buff community world initially raised their brows on coffee drinkers claiming that coffee is bad for your health, recent studies has forced these anti-coffee fanatics to rethink their position.

Researchers found that drinking coffee 2-3 cups of coffee can lower the chances of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases, diabetes, liver cancer and cirrhosis due to the caffeine, natural antioxidants, and byproducts of caffeine that helps protect brain blood vessels from certain types of cholesterol, prevents blood from clotting in the brain, boost endurance, inhibits certain toxins that affects the insulin production of the pancreas, as well as to slow down the growth of cell tissues in cases of liver cancer, alcohol cirrhosis, liver fibrosis and the like.

Going Instant or Going Full-Blown Brewed Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Coffee being widely accepted health-wise, a new debate rose regarding the famous morning pick me upper; which between the cheap and convenient instant coffee and the full bodied and full flavored brewed coffee is the better coffee?

Although there are a number of scientists lean towards instant coffee due to the effects of flash freezing on the product, more researchers, health buffs, and consumers would prefer and recommend the brewed type as the natural health benefits as well as the rich coffee flavor is best expressed in a brew rather than in an instant. Coffee may be one of the commonly consumed ‘health drink’ to date but the ability of certain blends such as the Hawaiian gold Kona to provide relaxation by reminding people about a happy place is something that an instant coffee variety cannot compete against.

Types of Coffee: Why Not Buy Kona Coffee

People may often feel intimidated with the menu at a coffee place due to the wide variety of choices available that may look intimidating, but in essence there are only 2 types of coffee beans where all those varieties and blends sprout from: Arabica and Robusta.

As the Robusta contains more caffeine that tends to make it more bitter and acidic making less preferable to coffee drinkers that in turn makes it cheaper. The Arabica on the other hand is considered as the more superior coffee bean that is sought after my coffee places to create their coffee varieties to serve to their clientele; and among the most sought after Arabica varieties is the Hawaiian Kona coffee.

Going for the Gold: Reasons to Buy Kona Coffee

It is true that there are a lot of varieties of the Arabica coffee bean in the face of the Earth but each variety has its own identity environmental factors (i.e. soil composition, sun exposure, air humidity, climate, weather patterns, etc.), process of harvesting the seeds (machine-picked, hand-picked) and process of drying (via industrial drier or sun drying) greatly affects the scent, body, and flavor of the coffee once the beans are ground, roasted and brewed. And one of the best Gourmet Coffee to date is the Hawaiian Kona coffee that is grown in the dark volcanic slopes of the Hawaiian Kona district of Hawaii.

The great Hawaiian climate combined with the extraordinary land composition of the Kona district gives the Hawaiian Gold Kona that rich, slightly tart, medium body with a heady aroma and a complex flavor that any coffee drinker would definitely enjoy.

Spotting the Gold: Getting the Hawaiian Gold Kona into Your Morning Habit

With the uniqueness of the complexity taste and smell of the Hawaiian Kona coffee comes at quite a high cost due to the tedious and meticulous process of hand-picking the coffee beans and the practice of the wet-method processing and sun-drying that further boosts the flavor of the coffee. But be warned that many would try to claim that their products are authentic so that they may reap the benefits of selling the real deal. In order to ensure that the you did buy authentic Hawaiian Kona coffee check the labels if the package has the seal of approval of the Kona Coffee Council or the establishment is acknowledged by the Kona Coffee Farmers Association and the most important thing is that it came from Hawaii.

Travelling Across Countries and Seas with A Cup of Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee

Every morning should be a start of a great day; but a great day will never start right with a horrible tasting and subpar cup of instant coffee whisked out of the counter without any other option without knowledge of any other alternative. But if you let yourself wake up to the smell of Hawaii with the best Kona coffee there is then, everyday will be the best day that you will ever have and such a demeanor will affect how you do things and how you see things!

Don’t deprive yourself of life’s greatest pleasures that is concentrated in one cup—don’t deprive yourself of a great cup of Hawaiian Gold Kona. Book your daily round trip ticket to Hawaii to absorb some ‘Aloha spirit’ and return just in time for the morning rush to the office calm yet energetic to deliver your presentation of a lifetime with every sip of the world famous Hawaiian Kona Coffee.

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