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Buy Kona CoffeeKona Coffee is well known around the world as high grade gourmet coffee. It is very special because it is made only in one place in the entire world – in the island of Hawaii. It is grown in the mountains of Hualalai and Mauna Loa Mountains where the soil is a very rich volcanic soil. These rare coffee blends are well known for their rich taste, strong aroma and perfectly roasted high grade beans. That is why many coffee enthusiasts buy Kona coffee not only for personal consumption but also to be given as a special gift for various occasions.

Buy Kona Coffee Online For Yourself Or As A Gift

Many coffee lovers choose to give Kona coffee as gifts. You will have no regrets giving Kona Hawaiian coffee as a gift because it will surely be appreciated. Likewise, anyone receiving Kona will feel extra special because of the coffee’s rarity and high quality.

There are many Hawaiian coffee blends to choose from according to one’s preferred coffee strength. The blends range from mild to strong. There is also organic coffee for the health conscious. There is also decaf and flavored Kona. And of course, there’s the very rare Peaberry Kona coffee which is made from a very rare type of beans. Peaberry gives off a more concentrated flavor. Hawaiian coffee is ideally given as a gift because of its high grade quality and special packaging when you purchase Kona gift baskets.

The Best Places Where You Can Purchase Arabica Coffee

Because Kona coffee is grown only in Hawaii, logically, the people who have most access to it are those living in the U.S. Because it only comes from one place and not commercially manufactured, its limited stock does not allow it to be distributed in the global market at a commercially large number.

The best Kona is typically bought in online stores. You can order Kona online and pay using credit card or any third party online transaction option. Shipping fees are usually added to the checkout bill but free shipping is also an option. Free shipping options are usually offered to those who want to purchase wholesale Hawaiian coffee. With a certain amount of purchase, the shipment fees can be covered and the coffee products can be delivered directly at the address specified by the client.

Advantages Of Purchasing Kona Online

There are several advantages if you buy Kona coffee online. First of all, online prices are relatively cheaper that actual retail prices. This is because most online stores do not need to pay for overhead cost and very high taxes. Their operations cost is fairly minimal so they can afford to give a lower price for their products.

Since Hawaiian coffee is relatively high grade, of course the price will be a bit higher than the regular type of packed coffee in retail stores. There’s no cheap Kona Hawaiian coffee and those that are priced very cheap is usually not 100% pure Kona beans but mixed with a lower grade coffee beans. But never fear, although it is relatively expensive, online stores usually offer discount Kona. Although the prices are already reduced in most online stores, there are further discounted rates and special packages especially in multiple orders or wholesale transactions.

What You Must Know When Purchasing Hawaiian Coffee Gifts

A Kona coffee gift basket or package is one of the best gift options for any occasion. There are many kinds of Kona gift packages being sold online. Some contain two packs of special coffee blends and placed in a beautiful basket or box. Some gift baskets have a coffee mug paired with a special pack of Kona blend.

Some people personalize their gift basket by making their own special package. They simple buy a beautiful basket or box and wrap a ribbon around it. The Hawaiian coffee packs can be placed inside, along with other preferred items that will complement the Kona. Some ideas include personalized mugs, chocolates, cookies, special crackers, and even a coffee maker or coffee bean grinder.

Because Kona is rare and special, it can be a perfect gift for formal or special occasions such as a wedding gift for friends, a gift for the boss, an anniversary gift for your parents or in-laws, and even a special token for foreign friends.

How Much Does Coffee From Kona Cost?

The price range of Arabica coffee will depend on the blend and the weight of the package. A one pound package will cost approximately $30. A 3-pound pack will cost around $100 while a 5-pound coffee pack will cost around $150. Some sites offer free shipping within the U.S. when you buy Kona coffee in 3 to 5 pounds. Some sites will offer special discounted packages or wholesale Kona prices.

It is expected that the cost of one pack of Hawaiian coffee will be a little pricier than the regular coffee usually sold in the market and grocery stores. Kona Hawaiian coffee is a gourmet coffee made from a rare and high grade kind of coffee beans so it is expected to be a little more expensive. It may be priced a little higher but the taste, aroma, and coffee experience will surely be worth every dollar.

Read The Details Before You Purchase Kona Online

So what happens when you receive the wrong package or the Kona gift basket is damaged? When purchasing online, it is important to always read the fine print. The shipping and return policies are usually found within the pages of the website.

When buying coffee, most companies will consider the item sold and cannot be replaced if the package has been opened. So be careful to check the label first before opening a pack of coffee. Once you open the pack and realize that the coffee is a strong blend when you actually ordered mild, there’s no way of returning it because the package has already been opened. Some can offer a refund when completely unsatisfied with the product but there will be rules and exceptions. It pays to read the fine print before purchasing Kona coffee or any other item online.

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